Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jay...My Everything

This is my oldest boy Jay, he just turned 16.
He just got his driver's permit on his Birthday, December 19th.
He spent the days after Christmas with his Dad, and did a good amount of driving with him.
When he drives with me, I see now how my Mom felt. Actually she still acts like I'm a young driver, breaking with her little leg, while clutching the handle, crying out in fear at times. Ha ha, true, true.
Drives me crazy, I'm a great driver. Really I am.
But now, I do know how she feels......Ugh.
He's actually doing a pretty good job.
Sure doesn't brake fast enough for me though, and he gets a bit too close for comfort to the parked cars.
I can't believe my boy is 16......how time flies.

1 comment:

  1. Hi!
    Wow! A nice sixteen-year old son who now driving--what an adventure! Just remember to tell him not to drink and drive unless it's Celestial Seasonings Tea, and of course, Mexican Hot Chocolate!