Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tea Drinking & Tour

The boys and I went on a tour of the Celestial Seasonings tea factory yesterday. It's in Boulder Colorado, about a 1/2 hour away from us.
We received 4ct sample packets of Country Peach Passion tea bags as our tickets.
While we waited for our tour to began, we were able to sample the teas. You can try all 104 types if you have enough time, and your stomach can handle it. :)
Anyway, we tried a few.

This Holiday type one, Candy Cane Lane was probably my favorite.

The Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, was my least favorite of all the types I tried. Yes it was like drinking a sugar cookie. Grosses me out just thinking about it again.

My still #1 favorite is and always will be the Sleepytime. It tastes oh so lovely, and is very relaxing.
Really enjoyed the day though, the tour was very interesting, and I learned alot. Rave to the people, free cool tour and free tea! We did buy more tea in the shop, Jay got a cool postcard, Ants a lip balm, and I got some mints in a very cool tin. I'd go back, and I'm sure Ants (9) will want to go back sometime. May even be able to drag Jay (16) back again.....probably not.

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  1. I love "Sleepytime". My father used to drink it all the time and I naturally wanted what daddy had and was hooked at a young age.